Recycle and Environment

Lithium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion batteries generally contain far more environmentally friendly metals than other types of batteries. The main components of the PowerPlug Lithium-Ion battery consist of iron, copper, nickel and cobalt, all of which are considered to be completely safe for recycling.

Amager ressource center

In order to make this process even easier for the consumer, we have partnered with Amager Ressource Center, which for a number of years has allied up to 200 stores and chains throughout Copenhagen and equipped them with battery collection boxes, that all citizens can freely use, to recycle their batteries. Check the map beside and find your nearest battery-collecting store or entity.

100% biodegradable shell

PowerPlugs are manufactured with a 100% biodegradable shell, that allows recycling of the battery, without separating it from the rest of the charger. The lithium battery itself, should be separated from your daily trash, entirely equal to other everyday used batteries.

Recycle your Powerplug here