PowerPlugs battery and performance

Our PowerPlugs are manufactured with a 1500mAH battery, which is categorised as very powerful for a one-time charger.

The term mAh stands for Milli Amp Hour and describes the amount of energy a battery can hold. A PowerPlugs percentage charge capacity depends on which iPhone it’s charging, due to the variety of batteries that are in iPhones. PowerPlugs will in approx numbers add the following percentages of battery to the different iPhones;

iPhone 6 - 1.810 mAh
iPhone 6s - 1.700 mAh
iPhone 6s plus - 2.750 mAh
iPhone 7 - 1.160 mAh
iPhone 7 plus - 2.900 mAh
iPhone 8 - 1.800 mAh
iPhone 8 plus - 2.700 mAh
iPhone X - 2.700 mAh